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Masters of Anima Xbox One X Enhanced

The Masters of Anima Xbox One X enhanced update brings some fine upgrades to this strategy game that's like Pikmin, but with soldiers. With this enhancement there's a locked 60fps at 1080p with no HDR support. It's not the most intense of an improvement, but it does provide the quality at a solid rate. The install size for the game is 1.68 GB which isn't large, yet there's a fairly good amount of content to it. This is a single player narrative strategy game where players send out armies of little soldiers to do their bidding.

This involves things such as battles, pushing objects or helping in the solving of puzzles. The army can grow as large as a hundred units which is quite massive. The whole goal is to save your betrothed that has been taken hostage, but there's a hero there to be found along the way. Face off in a series of environments, take on many enemies and even tackle difficult bosses. You're rated on performance with each level taking a fair bit of time to complete. The enhancement may not be too intense visually, but it does old steady and present a beautiful world with its unique art style.

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