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Minecraft Franchise Facts and Sales May 2019

May 18, 2019 at 8:02pm

It would seem that Minecraft is growing even more rapidly as it expands its content across additional devices. While they haven't truly updated this listing in awhile, I'm surprised as it was recently adjusted. I've listed highlights below and went further to note how these numbers compare to when I last did this franchise facts write-up which was April 2019, they noted minimal jumps. The main numbers hadn’t changed since October 2018. That's right, the game has seen a really large jump in sales and we'll have more follow-up comparisons to see the tracking overall. I've included a bolded note for the original statistics from the previous article.

By the Numbers
-Minecraft has sold more than 176 million (from 154 million on October, 2018) copies to date to players from virtually every country in the world.
-It is now the best selling game of all time having passed Tetris.
-There are now more than 200 million users in China.
-More people are playing Minecraft than ever before, every month 91+ million (same as October, 2018) unique Minecraft players engage across all platforms.
-In 2016, Minecraft averaged over 53,000 units sold every day, and was the eighth best-selling video game of the year.
-The average Minecraft player age is 24 (U.S.)
-Minecraft is the best-selling PC game of all time, and also one of the highest rated (93 Metascore)
Minecraft Wallpaper Better Together
-Partners now included Target, LEGO, Mattel, Jay Franco, Global Brands Group House and Bioworld for various products.
-The official big live action Movie is set to release on March 4, 2022.
-Since 2015, learners around the world have completed 130 million hours of Minecraft code sessions.
-Minecraft is the No. 1 most viewed game on Youtube
-More than 160 million people have watched more than 5 billion hours of Minecraft video content on YouTube.
-There were 50 billion views of Minecraft online video content in 2018.
-The Minecraft “Togetherness ACTIVATED!” YouTube ad for the Better Together Update placed #6 on YouTube’s list of top game-trailer ads of 2017, garnering over 11.8 million views.
-51 percent of U.S. children aged 9-11 play Minecraft
-90 percent of the U.S. online population is aware of the Minecraft brand
-About ¾ (77 percent) of the U.S. general online population age 8-65 has heard of Minecraft.
-Minecraft received the Double Platinum PlayStation Award for exceeding 2 million in sales on PlayStation Platforms in Japan, with only 13 other titles receiving this award since 1995. Minecraft has been the only game developed and published by a non-Japanese company to receive the award.

These were yet again impressive details about the game on a global and United States scale, the game is rolling from its Bedrock update that brought cross-play, a community store and a refined experience to most platforms. This was boosted by the addition of the Nintendo Switch to the "Bedrock" edition and further niche releases. The Minecraft Xbox One X enhanced version with 4k HDR visuals is still "in development".

We'll follow up with any changes in the future, though with such a large gain I’d be surprised to see another jump for awhile. Direct comparisons being made to the April 2019 news article which was basically the same as the October 2018 article when it comes to stats. For more details and coverage on the game check out our Minecraft Hub below.

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