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Minecraft Franchise Facts and Sales 2018

Minecraft continues to grow and since it's the start of the new year, a fresh list of Minecraft Franchise Facts and sales stats have been released. The informational document was made available during the first week of January 2018 with the sheet itself mentioning statistics as of December 2017. Regardless, the noted details are rather fascinating and showcase how massive this game is.

By the Numbers
-Minecraft has sold more than 122 million copies to-date to players from virtually every country in the world.
-More people are playing Minecraft than ever before, every month 55+ million unique Minecraft players engage across all platforms.
-In 2016, Minecraft averaged over 53,000 units sold every day, and was the eighth best-selling video game of the year.
-The average Minecraft player age is 24 (U.S.)
-Minecraft is the best-selling PC game of all time, and also one of the highest rated (93 Metascore)
Minecraft Wallpaper Better Together
-Minecraft is the No. 1 most viewed game on YouTube and in 2014 was the second most searched term on the site overall after “music”
-More than 160 million people have watched more than 5 billion hours of Minecraft video content on YouTube.
-There were 50 billion views of Minecraft online video content in the past year.
-Minecraft’s “Togetherness ACTIVATED!” YouTube ad for the Better Together Update placed #6 on YouTube’s list of top game-trailer ads of 2017, garnering over 11.8 million views.
-51 percent of U.S. children aged 9-11 play Minecraft
-90 percent of the U.S. online population is aware of the Minecraft brand
-About ¾ (77 percent) of the U.S. general online population age 8-65 has heard of Minecraft.

These were some impressive details about the game on a global and United States scale, the game recently received a large revamp effort to get all core versions running on Bedrock. Bedrock is the latest engine for the game allowing smaller sizes and easier expansion across devices. This was titled the "Better Together" update enabling cross-play support across devices. The next large update for all Bedrock and Java versions is titled "Aquatic" which is set for early 2018. You can read the details on that from the link below.

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