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Minecraft Nintendo Switch has Xbox Achievements

This is actually a rather big deal, Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition now has Xbox Achievements. They're not entirely live yet, but you can check out "Silent Rob 23"'s gamertag and see he's playing as well as unlocking the standard Minecraft list of Achievements for the Switch edition. The version will carry the same list as the other platforms and this could be part of the move towards the device fully supporting the cross-play features of Better Together. What makes this a big deal, at least as far as I'm concerned is that the Nintendo Switch is supporting Xbox Achievements. We've seen this for Windows 10, Android and IOS in the past, yet never on a competition's platform. This was something I thought might be a good move for Nintendo (supporting the Achievement system) but assumed it wouldn't ever actually happen.

With Minecraft having the Xbox Live integration, other games on the Switch platform could also use it. I don't have details on accessing the integration yet as I was looking through my console for details though I'm sure information on this will arise shortly. For further context, Minecraft has a ton of Achievement lists on basically every platform it exists on. There are currently 79 Achievements to earn for 1750 gamerscore. It will also track your stats on the platform such as time played, blocks broken or the distance travelled for a few examples. A final detail is that it compares how many gamers have unlocked or done anything within the title, essentially full integration. I'll follow up or update as more details on this are made available.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner