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Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack Release Date Announced

It looks as though Minecraft is finally getting its grand update pack that's set to give the game a visual boost. The Super Duper Graphics Pack release date is currently set as May 1st, 2018 for Xbox One. It's also set to release on Windows 10 eventually and it'll play best on Xbox One X being more or less made for the premium console. On that platform players can experience a push to 4k HDR. Some technical changes with this optional DLC pack include a general overhaul of textures to a much higher quality. There will be dynamic shadows, directional lighting, water effects and more.

Incredibly realistic lighting; streaming sun beams, thick fog, swaying grass, and clear, serene lakes that playfully reflect your creations according to the provided details make up a list of general improvements you'll see. Mobs or well animals in general will be re-imagined in a new way and most importantly this will retain the core styles that make the game so special.
Minecraft 2018 Wallpaper
This Minecraft Super Duper Graphics pack is not required to play the game and is an additional add-on to enhance the experience. It will work on the key platforms, but is best on Xbox One X consoles. We'll definitely be covering this one and have been waiting for it ever since we received our early review unit for the Xbox One X. Keep in mind that this is like a traditional texture/mash-up pack and will most likely be directly available through the Community Store for their coin currency. They have posted digital codes online for purchase so it may also be something to grab through a traditional DLC method.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner