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Minecraft: Turtles Announced

Minecraft is continuing to grow with the announcement of a new mob, Turtles! That's right, these graceful large sea creatures will be heading to the game. You'll be able to enjoy them as part of the Aquatic update that's set to release in early 2018. This will be an update that is available to Java and Bedrock players at relatively the same time. The update as a whole brings life to the oceans that have been barren previously. Enjoy special plants, various new mobs and some magical elements as well including a trident.

The Minecraft Turtles will be found with nests along the shorelines of various biomes and then in the water. The creatures will apparently hatch from eggs on the beaches and paddle to the ocean which should be awesome. I think these creatures look awesome according to the image that was presented with the release, but it is noted that the look is likely to change prior to the launch. This mob should be an interesting addition to the game and while details are short as of the moment, you can read what's included in the Aquatic update link below. We'll be sure to follow up with details on the habits of the creature including what it eats, the mating options and if it can be tamed.

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