Monster Hunter Rise Install Size

September 23, 2020 at 3:03am
By Jason Stettner

The install size for Monster Hunter Rise has been revealed coming in at a rather alright size at launch releasing on March 26, 2021 and taking up a total of 8.80 GB on the Nintendo eShop. Monster Hunter Rise brings the well loved action RPG series that’s all about hunting to the platform.

Set within the ninja inspired land of Kamura Village you’ll be exploring lush ecosystems to battle fearsome monsters. It’s all about preparing for the hunt and getting out there to execute on that goal. It’s time for chaos, creatures and so much action to battle through. You’ll be able to hunt alone, or in a party of four players to gather more rewards.
Monster Hunter Rise File Size
You will of course be able to craft a variety of weapons and armor. There are new mechanics such as the high flying wire action and your canine companion will most certainly delight. Enjoy it at home, or on the go with whatever online capacity you so desire.

Hopefully you found this interesting and we’ll try our best to keep this updated over time. It will likely change due to various game updates, adjustments to platforms and also additional content expansions such as DLC or seasons. You can check out more file sizes for recent game releases below. There are also general hubs or one from the particular franchise as well noted.

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