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Mu6 Headphones Price & Specifications Detailed

The Mu6 headphones aim to provide an affordable price point for a higher quality product. I was able to directly chat with the group for various details on their product as they aim to start mass production between December 2018 and January 2019. This production time frame is to reach their Indiegogo backer's orders. When it comes to Mu6 pricing they started at $129 USD during their early bird which was gone quickly and they're now offering them for $149 USD with many still available within the campaign.

The proposed final release price is set to be $249.99 USD. They aim to solve the problem of high quality with great noise cancellation, and to provide that for under $300. They're aiming for a general roll out come March 2019 focusing on online sales such as Amazon with a plan to move into retail afterwards. It comes in two colors currently, Graphite Grey and Medallion Brown. More colors are being considered for the future including a Silver as the most immediate desired additional choice.
MU6 Headphones Pricing
It's a rather neat design weighing around 300 grams and providing a magnetic charger stand with the headphones. There's a pouch case too, with plans for a hard case possibly in the future. This takes about two hours for a good charge providing 24 hours of use and for just music you should get 35 hours. They have comparison test details available online to see how this lines up with the competition in regards to noise cancellation and they're very competitive in that regard. This is partially achieved through a memory foam ear cup, higher density which is better for noise cancellation.

There's also smart touch and talk, left hand on the left ear will cause the volume to go down. It has auto pause and play for when the headset is lifted off, they use an internal sensor that is a more accurate measurement of when the headphones are actually on. The Mu6 features Bluetooth 5.0 support and there's an app for IOS or Android devices that allows customization, as well as personalized custom music profiles. This is a complete wireless headset and it is not set to work with PS4 despite working with Bluetooth devices.

Now onto more intense specifications. There are dynamic 40mm drivers with a frequency range of 20-20,000hz and a 35dB peak. You'll get a 10m Bluetooth range and the headphones carry a 1000maH battery featuring a magnetic contact charging solution with Micro USB. The charging cable is 1.2m with 5v-1A inner voltage and 5W output from the stand weighing 265 grams. That's all the details for now, we're set to review the product in the future so look forward to that, view the campaign from the link below that may still be running, set for December 6, 2018 end with possible extension. We also have a gear hub linked below for additional coverage of technology related products including headsets.

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