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Munchkin Nintendo Switch Announced 2019 Release Date

Munchkin Nintendo Switch has been announced for a 2019 release date arrival. The well known board game will be featured on the platform in a digital style. A dungeon crawler based on Steve Jackson’s iconic card game, Munchkin. Players battle with cards and attempt to upgrade themselves in order to battle further and progress.

This is from Asmodee Digital, a group that is set to bring a plethora of classic board games to the Nintendo Switch console platform in 2018 and 2019 using a digital design. “Bringing our most popular titles to new platforms is a no-brainer, but we’re going a step above to make sure they are optimized for Nintendo Switch,” said Philippe Dao, CMO of Asmodee Digital. “The new audiences that await us on this platform are clear to us, and we’re glad to offer them the best of board games.” Hopefully we'll be providing reviews and additional details in the future.

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