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Netflix Canada October 2018 Releases

The upcoming Netflix Canada October 2018 release schedule has been announced. These are all the big original exclusive series and movies from the streaming service for the month. They include a range of content from completely fresh concepts to exciting sequels for existing Netflix original releases. This includes series; films, comedy, documentary, for kids and anime. Beyond that are the inclusion of notable other movies that are being added onto the service. We are lucky to cover a number of these releases prior to launch and you can see a "Review" tag on what we either have reviews on or will be reviewing around launch so look forward to those.
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Netflix

What's new on Netflix Canada October 2018

Original Series and Shows
Big Mouth Season 2 (October 5)
The Haunting of Hill House "Review"
Marvel's Daredevil "Review" (October 19)
Wanderlust (October 19)
Bodyguard (October 24)
The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina "Review" (October 26)

Original Film
Operation Finale (October 3)
22 July (October 10)
Apostle (October 12)
The Kindergarten Teacher (October 12)

Joe Rogan: Strange Times (October 2)
Ron White: If You Quit Listening, I'll Shut Up (October 16)
Adam Sandler 100% Fresh (October 23)

Salt Fat Acid Heat (October 11)
Remastered: Who Shot the Sheriff (October 12)
Making a Murderer Part 2 (October 19)

Original Series for Kids
Super Monsters Season 2 (October 5)
The Boss Baby: Back in Business Season 2 (October 12)
Best Worst Weekend Ever Limited Series (October 19)

The Purge: Election Year (October 1)
Warcraft (October 1)
Mr. Bean's Holiday (October 3)
Dawn of the Dead (October 3)
Supergirl Season 3 (October 9)
Riverdale Season 3 "Weekly on Thursday" (October 11)
Scary Movie 1-5 (October 20)
Scream 1-3 (October 20)
Halloween (October 20)
The Secret Life of Pets (October 22)
Great News Season 2 (October 25)

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