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Nintendo Switch Online Canada Pricing Details

After an incredibly long delay, the Nintendo Switch Online Canada pricing details have been revealed. The service has long been discussed by Nintendo to replace the currently free online options. This service will offer minor benefits and access to coop or competitive options for the console. The service will come into play during September 2018 and it'll include cloud saving which is interesting. The cloud saves appear to be only available through the service.

Canadian Pricing: Various price points offer a variety of affordable options for different players.
Individual memberships:
· One month: $4.99
· Three months: $9.99
· 12 months: $24.99
· Family membership (12 months): $44.99

With a family membership, up to eight Nintendo Account holders will be able to utilize the Nintendo Switch Online service, even on different systems.

Subscribers will get access to some NES games. Twenty games will be there at the start and more will be added over time. *Balloon Fight*, *Dr. Mario* and *Super Mario Bros. 3 *will be joined by *Donkey Kong*, *Ice Climber*, *The Legend of Zelda*, *Mario Bros.*, *Soccer*, *Super Mario Bros.*, *Tennis* and 10 others that will be announced in the future. The games will feature online multiplayer for the first time if they supported coop or competitive modes. Voice chat is still run through the app.

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