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One Leaves Xbox One & Windows 10 Free Game Teased

March 5, 2019 at 2:42pm

Apparently noticed as a brief ad on IGN prior to being pulled, One Leaves will be a free to play game available for Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. The noted ad posting was noticed by Reddit user “jtsuth”. Moving past that, there’s actually already a site for the game which you can check out from the link below.

There’s also a trailer that gives you an idea of what to expect with what looks like actual gameplay from the title. It should be noted that a couple key taglines stick out. The first is “It’s Easy to Enter. It’s Hard as Hell to Leave” and the second is “Four Enter. Only One Leaves. Can You Escape?”.
One Leaves Screenshot
The general trailer showcases a first person perspective with a horror element to it. There’s a weird mouth thing that flies out from a vent, there’s some wild fire as someone slides down a hallway and some spooky movement in the distance.

It very well could be a survival type title, with an element of battling against others in order to escape. Official details really aren’t available at the moment, just what’s been noted. Look for One Leaves Xbox One and Windows 10 in the future as a free game. Check out our review of Dead by Daylight below or general hubs for coverage on games and franchise.

For additional context, this is a free game that can be downloaded from the Xbox store. It’s a quick puzzle based game that’s meant to warn people about a certain surprise element of life. It is now available and doesn’t cost anything to check out. It’s very short though, so be prepared for that.

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