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Onrush Release Date, Pricing

The Onrush release date and pricing details have been revealed for this latest Codemasters racing game. The title will be launching on June 5th, 2018 available on Xbox One and Playstation 4 platforms which no current mentions of either game receiving enhancements for their premium console offering. The base game will cost $59.99 USD / 79.99 CAD with the Onrush Digital Deluxe Edition coming in at $84.99 USD / $113.49 CAD. The digital deluxe includes the Vortex Buggy, 17 total custom vehicle designs and some other minor additions.

While the game does include single player racing, the option to take the battle online features up to twelve players in a match. Onrush is all about the speed featuring adrenaline filled high-octane levels of racing. This provides an arcade style racer against some insane terrains with a number of wild vehicles. Be prepared to face some insane courses across a variety of gorgeous large scale environments.

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