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Original Xbox Games on the Way April 2018

More Original Xbox Games should be on the way in April 2018 or even towards the end of March. This follows a tweet from Phil Spencer in reply about fans wanting to know when the next batch is being sent out. The first selection of games released in the latter end of October 2017 bringing thirteen releases. It was noted that additional games would be coming out in Spring 2018 though no final date was given at the time. The practice of being compatible allows the old games to run on Xbox One consoles.

These titles are a surprise and rather sparse in release. The licensing problems and so forth make it harder to release these older games. It's nice however to once again enjoy them, they're even better if they get Xbox One X Enhanced. The tweet thread can be found below but it was basically a wonder if more titles are coming soon with the reply "News on this coming soon." on March 23, 2018. I'd say that more titles should be announced as coming in the near future. The details given like this on questions are usually followed fairly quickly by official news. Anticipate hearing full details at any point though nothing concrete is presently known.

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