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Outbreak: The New Nightmare on Xbox One is Now Available

The latest survival horror type game, Outbreak: The New Nightmare is now available on Xbox One. The game sends players into a dark, horrifying location from which they must attempt to scavenge supplies in order to increase their chances of survival. Players are not alone however as many gruesome creatures are lurking around in wait to eliminate any poor survivors. It's apparently a more hardcore survival title as the store page states that one life is all you get, so be careful out there.

The game launched January 2, 2018 on Xbox One without any Xbox One X enhancements coming in at 9.68 GB as an install size. The initial price is noted as $8.99 USD/CAD. The developer mentioned to us that the game is best experienced on Xbox One X as the performance is far superior to a normal Xbox One or Xbox One S console. You can see our thoughts on the game for the platform below in the included review.

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