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Overlord & Overlord 2 Xbox Backwards Compatible

The latest batch of Xbox Backwards Compatible games will be available bringing two new titles to the program. Arriving as of July 10, 2018 we have a couple more fresh titles available on Xbox One and further consoles sourced from the Xbox 360. The list includes some fine additions with Overlord and Overlord 2 as Xbox Backwards Compatible games. This means you can input the disc or just download them digitally if previously owned to enjoy the games once more. Both of these titles are disc or digital based, you can also install previously owned digital content from them such as maps or cosmetic items from the ready to install portion of the game area. The games will run exactly like they did on Xbox 360, yet perform much better overall.

The Overlord titles have you controlling groups of minions in order to battle across fantasy settings. You play as an anti-hero that's out to eliminate the seven heroes that have taken on and defeated your predecessors. Each of them represents a deadly sin and you'll need to take them out. Do this by commanding a fleet of minions across exciting adventures. The sequel then has you playing as the next in line with a generation having past since the events of the first narrative. These titles join over 480 titles available on the program and it continues to grow all the time.

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