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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Xbox One Release Date, Pricing

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds release date and pricing details have been revealed for this ultimate battle royale game. The title will be launching from preview on September 4, 2018 available on Xbox One while also being Xbox One X enhanced featuring 4k resolution and HDR support. The cost is $29.99 USD and $36.99 CAD at launch, note that this may change afterwards or it could go on sale.

There is only the single version of the game upon launch releasing without any additional content or enhanced bundles. The initial install size is just under 11 GB for the game. It is published by Microsoft and developed by PUBG Corp.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is the ultimate battle royale game providing a tactical experience. It is also known as PUBG, since it's shorter and easier to say. Jump in from a parachute, alone or with others in various squad based modes. Battle across large scale maps in an attempt to loot and then wage war on others. You can choose to just try and survive or be aggressive in a bid to be the last individual/team standing. This will earn you some better credits for grabbing decorative gear. As you loot you'll collect better gear and it's a fast paced situation with players always being pushed forward keeping the action always going.

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