Playstation 4 Cross-Play Supports Any Title Now

October 3, 2019 at 2:23am
By Jason Stettner

Starting with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare any title on Playstation 4 will be able to support full cross-play. This is from a tech point of view, so any game going forward or in the past will have the option for full support. This means console players on PS4 can enjoy games with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC or mobile platform players.
PS4 Crossplay support
Everyone can join together in lobbies, increasing the player capacity and therefore extending the lifespan of games going forward. This was confirmed during an interview that “Wired” ran with Playstation boss Jim Ryan. This doesn’t mean that every title will all of a sudden support this, but the option is definitely there for them to do so.

This is a form of play we’ve seen in limited bursts for select titles, but now that the flood gates are open more games are likely to support this going forward into the future. This should be exciting to see in action, as more games are updated to have this or will launch with it. You can read our review of the Playstation exclusive Days Gone below, or the platform hub for additional coverage of what that ecosystem provides.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner