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Playstation 5 Specs Revealed & Other Details

April 16, 2019 at 3:09pm

The first details on the upcoming next generation Sony console have been revealed through an exclusive proposed discussion between the company and These are the quick details that were teased during this particular meeting. To start, the Playstation 5 specs have been basically teased. You’ll be seeing an 8-Core AMD CPU using 7nm Zen 2 micro architecture and a variant of their Radeon Navi family which will support Ray Tracing.

It also includes 3D audio support, with that being a large focus. It will feature a SSD specifically designed for the console that’s supposed to bring 19x the loading speed in comparison to the PS4.The SSD is noted as benefitting smoother streaming in open world games. The console will not release in 2019, further leading into the general 2020 rumored next generation time line.
God of War PS5 Screenshot
To build on the general output, the console is noted as supporting 8k displays. It is best to mention that it won’t necessarily produce 8k visuals. If you own a Playstation 4, like many do. You’ll be able to play those games from PS4 on the Playstation 5 as it’ll support backwards compatibility. This will function digitally, or as a disc with the new console having a disc tray.

The PSVR headset will also be compatible. A cloud-streaming strategy was teased along with Death Stranding being present there. Those are some high level details to tease what’s to come in the future. Check out our wish list of what we’d like to see, or the platform hub below.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner