Playstation E3 2020 Won't be Attending

It has been officially announced that Playstation E3 2020, will not be a thing as the company won't be in attendance again. Sony and the brand have announced that they will have zero presence there for the second time in a row. This initial vanishing from the show is the first time since it started that the group won't be there.

They also won't have any conferences, events or setup around this time of the year. A complete skip, leaving a hole for others to some degree. It is unknown if they will have the Playstation Experience (PSX 2020) either at this point, but officially unless they decide otherwise later the Playstation E3 event will not continue like with tradition.

This presents a clear shift in the industry as more companies leave the well known show in favor of smaller events or just not to support it by having online announcements. Even out outlet is undecided if it’s worth attending for what would be the sixth time in a row. Check out our review of the legendary God of War or the E3 2020 hub to see additional coverage of the event.

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Playstation E3 2020 Screenshot

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner