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Playstation Game Releases February 10th to 16th 2018

Included is a list of all the Playstation game releases for February 10th to 16th 2018. This list goes over all the titles freshly releasing on the various platforms. Note that certain releases might change due to developer delays or certification issues and we'll do our best to update things as that happens. You're able to click on the title of the games to see the Playstation Store page for your region and to get additional information such as pricing. If you're looking for more details on those games it's best to check out our previews or the Install Sizes Area (Click here) since most game sizes will be available there. The "VR" tag will note if the releases support Playstation VR. Finally, there will be a "Review" tag for the games we either have reviews on or will be reviewing around launch so look forward to those.
Kingdom Come: Deliverance Playstation Screenshot
February 13th
Crossing Souls
-A group of friends come across a mystical stone that allows them to travel between realms.

Cubeworks "VR"
-This game is designed to challenge the player’s spatial manipulation and problem solving abilities.

Drunkn Bar Fight "VR"
-Battle it out in this social based experience where everyone can enjoy some casual activities.

Dynasty Warriors 9 "Review"
-The next epic chapter in this long running series provides one against a thousand combat.

The Fall Part 2: Unbound "Review"
-The next chapter in this series of events where an AI starts to break the barriers of control.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance "Review"
-As the son of a Blacksmith that was killed you decide to battle for revenge.

Knockout League "VR"
-This is a one on one boxing title with some wild setups.

Mahjong Carnival
-It's Mahjong, in some carnival and global locations.

Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame
-Intense motorcycle based racing that aims to emulate the Supercross event.

Pinstripe "Review"
-Pinstripe has your child, get them back in this adventure type game.

Pop-Up Pilgrims "VR"
-Help a group of small folks through beautiful worlds.

-Schacht is a fast paced 3D platformer with competitive aspects.

Secret of Mana
-This classic 1993 game is getting remade in 3D.

Sprint Vector "VR"
-A competitive virtual reality platformer with the style of a game show.

True Fear: Forsaken Souls – Part 1
-The first part of this spooky psychological thriller providing an escape game

February 14th
Slice, Dice & Rice
-A fighting game with no health bars, strikes are deadly.

February 16th
-The gorgeous Fe presents a unique art style against an open world that you're free to discover.

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