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Playstation Game Releases January 20th to 26th 2018

Included is a list of all the Playstation game releases for January 20th to 26th 2018. This list goes over all the titles freshly releasing on the various platforms. Note that certain releases might change due to developer delays or certification issues and we'll do our best to update things as that happens. You're able to click on the title of the games to see the Playstation Store page for your region and to get additional information such as pricing. If you're looking for more details on those games it's best to check out our previews or the Install Sizes Area (Click here) since most game sizes will be available there. The "VR" tag will note if the releases support Playstation VR. Finally, there will be a "Review" tag for the games we either have reviews on or will be reviewing around launch so look forward to those.
Monster Hunter World Playstation Screenshot
January 23rd
Batman: Telltale Series Season 2 "Review"
-The fourth episode "What Ails You?" continues the adventures of Batman and Bruce Wayne.

January 24th
Wild Turkey Hunter
-Hunt some turkeys.

January 25th
-In this platformer you assist Madeline with her inner demons and climbing to the Celeste Mountain.

Law of Machine
-AI type game where you solve puzzles.

Lost Sphear
-A JRPG in the remote town of Elgarthe, a young man named Kanata awakens from a devastating dream to find his village is disappearing. An ominous being threatens the fabric of reality and you must deal with.

January 26th
Dragon Ball FighterZ
-Aiming to be incredibly faithful to the show in terms of visuals battle it out with a large roster of Dragon Ball fights for intense action and combat.

-Robin just wants to be a mechanic and help people, but things are going bad so she needs to deal with those issues.

The Inpatient "VR"
-A PS VR exclusive set in the Blackwood Sanatorium, over 60 years prior to the events of Until Dawn

Monster Hunter: World
-Get ready for intense cooperative focused action as you work alone or with others to tackle various creatures and hunt them.

OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes
-Based on the Cartoon Network show brawl your way through a story based on the series.

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