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Playstation Game Releases May 12th to 18th 2018

Included is a list of all the Playstation game releases for May 12th to 18th 2018. This list goes over all the titles freshly releasing on the various platforms. Note that certain releases might change due to developer delays or certification issues and we'll do our best to update things as that happens. You're able to click on the title of the games to see the Playstation Store page for your region and to get additional information such as pricing.

If you're looking for more details on those games it's best to check out our previews or the Install Sizes Area (Click here) since most game sizes will be available there. The "PSVR" tag will note if the releases support Playstation VR. Finally, there will be a "Review" tag for the games we either have reviews on or will be reviewing around launch so look forward to those. Keep in mind our list will have games releasing, but dates may change within the week.
Wizard of Legend Playstation 4 Screenshot
May 17th
Fox n Forests
-A 3D platformer where the seasons can be changed on the fly dynamically altering the area.

Final Date Not Noted.
Animal Super Squad
-Phsyics based adventure game where you can create your own levels.

Asemblance: Oversight
-Work through a precise simulation of the human mind, they said it couldn't be done.

Azure Reflections
-Sidescrolling bullet hell with a unique look of Azure Reflections.

Dragon’s Crown Pro
-One of the most beautiful RPG titles ever provides classic side scrolling beat 'em up.

Forgotten Anne
-Discover a world of forgotten things as you discover and bring life to items.

-This is a tough as hell 2D procedural platforming title.

Horizon Chase Turbo
-Zip along the tracks in this classic racing game that aims to capture past nostalgia.

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time
-Take in Japanese animation in this unique style of game where you uncover mysteries at Luna Nova Academy.

Magic Knight Grand Charion
-Hit the skies on an exciting Little Witch Academia adventure.

Monster Slayers
-Master card customization in this roguelike deck building RPG adventure with an innovative battle system.

-This is an action murder mystery, balance magical elements to figure out what happened.

Welcome to Hanwell
-Explore a dark and terrifying world filled with corruption in this horror title.

Wizard of Legend "Review"
-Become a powerful wizard as you work through procedural areas tackling creatures.

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