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Playstation Game Releases September 22nd to 28th 2018

Included is a list of all the Playstation game releases for September 22nd to 28th 2018. This list goes over all the titles freshly releasing on the various platforms. Note that certain releases might change due to developer delays or certification issues and we'll do our best to update things as that happens.

If you're looking for more details on those games it's best to check out our previews or the Install Sizes Area (Click here) since most game sizes will be available there. The "PSVR" tag will note if the releases support Playstation VR. Finally, there will be a "Review" tag for the games we either have reviews on or will be reviewing around launch so look forward to those. Keep in mind our list will have games releasing, but dates may change within the week.
Life is Strange 2 Playstation 4 Screenshot
September 26th
Life is Strange 2
-Two brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz are forced to run away from home after a tragic incident.

Dark Eclipse "PSVR"
-The first ever Playstation VR MOBA title is ready to deliver the action.

September 28th
-Captain a ship alone or with up to a group of four managing various problems that arise.

Fifa 18
-The latest entry in the long running Football/Soccer simulation from EA Sports.

Freaky Awesome
-Rogue-like where you gain mutations to get better and even work in coop.

Final Date Not Noted.
Creed: Rise to Glory "PSVR"
-Have what it takes to reach the top? Box your way in virtual reality.

-Free to play fantasy RPG with turn based battles and intense situations.

Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition
-Battle tainted creatures, befriend bizarre bugs. Uncover ancient history and solve the mysteries buried at the kingdom's heart.

Jack N’ Jill DX
-140 levels of true classic one button platforming with either character role.

Punch Line
-Visual novel with no details on it.

Valkyria Chronicles 4
-Go out and fight for freedom in epic turn based battles for this fourth main chronicles entry.

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