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Razer Xbox One Keyboard & Mouse Details Revealed

While it was officially announced at the special X018 event, we now have official details on this exclusive peripheral. This device is exclusive as Razer is the only official partner on this aspect of Xbox One gaming. Now, a number of titles do support the keyboard and mouse already, but this is specifically designed for the console and living room experience. Keep in mind that other products from various companies will work fine with the console. This information is found on their site "We are proud to partner with Microsoft to bring you the world’s first wireless keyboard and mouse designed for Xbox One. Equipped with our industry-leading gaming technologies, discover a new way to play in your living room. Find out more at CES on 08/01/2019. "

An image can be found below of the combo with other details having been presented. There will be features of where games will send out color combinations to react to what's going on. Say, turning red when you've been downed in Gears of War and are bleeding out. Something like that, it will also be designed for this type of experience directly. We're planning on heading to CES 2019 and hopefully will get to test this out.

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Razer Xbox One Keyboard and Mouse

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner