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Roblox Xbox One: Flood Escape 2 and Swordburst 2 Released

Roblox Xbox One is getting even bigger and more fun with sequels to two popular games. That's right, Flood Escape 2 and Swordburst 2 will debut on Xbox One starting January 23, 2018. Flood Escape 2 was developed by Crazyblox, it's all about navigating through a series of intricately-designed labyrinths while constantly racing against a slew of rising hazards. This game is focused on having players work together to deals with the issues and escape together. Initially being available on PC and mobile devices, this game hit over 50 million visits.

Swordburst 2 was developed by Alex “AbstractAlex” Hicks; Max “Blocky_Max” Borsch, Kevin “OKevinO” Schneider and Ace “SIeven” Vanbogart. It is a fantasy RPG where players scale vast distances tackling dungeons and working together against various enemies or bosses found within the landscape. Aside from that, it's also all about looting! This sequel aims to build on the original while fine tuning the experience and real time combat. Both of these great games can now be played within Roblox Xbox One which continues to grow all the time with fresh new modes or games to play.

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