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Slime Rancher Playstation 4 Release Date, Pricing

Slime Rancher release date and pricing details have been revealed for this charming slime farming game. The title will be launching on August 21, 2018 available on Playstation 4. The cost is $19.99 USD and $26.99 CAD at launch, note that this may change afterwards or it could go on sale.

There is only the single version of the game upon launch releasing without any additional content or enhanced bundles. The initial install size is just around 1 GB for the game. It is published and developed by Monomi Park.

Slime Rancher is an adorable farming game set in space. There's an emotional narrative to be explore as you harvest the left over shot out items from slimes when you feed them. The story is a mystery as you try to piece together what happened to this now split apart farming area.

Venture through mystic areas collecting new items to expand your farming options. There are daily missions, multiple areas to expore and one incredible complete experience. This is one intense journey within the cosmos as you recieve letters from home and try to push forward. There are other modes included as well which will challenge your ability to farm. The game is stacked with content and addicting gameplay as you attempt to expand your homestead to become a profitable business.

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