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Sonic Mania Xbox One X Enhanced

The epic return to form Sonic Mania Xbox One X Enhanced release is confirmed as the official tracking list on Xbox has it noted down. The game is currently listed as "coming soon" for an enhancement and this was a welcomed surprise since the game did release a fair bit back. This won't be a huge deal considering the graphic style, but it is noted to be aiming for 4k resolution which I can't imagine will be too difficult. There's no mention of HDR support, though I'm not sure that would make sense anyways. This should bring crisp visuals to the 60fps experience.

Sonic Mania returns the blue hedgehog back to form with 2D greatness across fresh levels with exciting action. Multiple characters help liven the gameplay as you switch between them while also revisiting classic levels with a twist. Battle against fresh bosses in a series that has been brought back to greatness. Single player isn't where the journey ends however as there are local competitive options and cooperative ones. This golden 2D release will be maxed out with shining visuals in a goal of 4k resolution. Sonic is looking good and will be even better once it's been given a boost on the premium console.

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