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Space Engineers Xbox One Release Top Priority for Keen

February 28, 2019 at 5:39pm

With the game heading out of Steam Early Access, Keen Software House has announced that they’re now going to be directly focusing on Space Engineers Xbox One edition. The game was revealed for the console platform years back and it now seems like the group will be actively working on this iteration of the game. This was noted in a couple press releases I’ve received in regards to their game releasing after having been in development for over five years. They also noted that there were over two hundred updates, three million copies sold and now more than two hundred thousand monthly active players.
Space Engineers Xbox One Screenshot
Moving past that, here’s the first mention from their initial press release ”We’re also working hard on the Xbox One version of Space Engineers, which is a top priority for our team.” Following that in the next day’s release, this was mentioned ”We are also working on an Xbox One port for Space Engineers.” . That statement followed a report of understanding any issues or concerns that arrive post-launch, with a desire to work on them. They went further to mention that they’re looking forward to the next era of the game.

It definitely seems like there’s now a focus in getting this new version of the title ready. Few details are available, it’s unknown if it’ll appear as a full release when ported, or on Xbox Game Preview. For context, the game is based around space and building within it. You explore planets,, build objects and try to survive the hostile landscape that the cold bleak landscape of the galaxy is. You can read our review of Anthem below, or check out the general hubs below for more coverage on other games.

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