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Super Lucky's Tale Guardian Trials DLC Now Available

It looks like the adventures in this platformer are going to continue once more with this new DLC. The Super Lucky's Tale Guardian Trials expansion is now available. This is additional content to expand the core game continuing the general narrative that was already expanded on Gilly Island. This DLC is Xbox One X Enhanced like the core game and Xbox Play Anywhere content as well. That means you're able to enjoy it on either Xbox One or Windows 10 PC if it's purchased digitally. The story here follows training day in Foxington.

Lucky’s big sister Lyra believes the time has come for him to meet his destiny and embark on the journey to become a full fledged Guardian. Work through a number of platforming challenges, puzzles and treacherous obstacle courses. This is a retro styled boot camp where you can gather new costumes, take on intense mini quests and work towards becoming the ultimate platforming hero. At launch the Guardian Trials DLC costs $5.99 USD / $6.49 CAD and it's noted as available on May 1, 2018. It's also equipped with a new set of 17 Achievements for 500 Gamerscore.

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