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Super Lucky's Tale Sequel or Follow-up Confirmed

Looks like we haven't seen the last Lucky as Super Lucky's Tale has been confirmed to be receiving a sequel or follow-up. This follows a question on the Twitter in regards to whether there were any plans for DLC or a Sequel. The social media account replied with the following statement; "Plans...yes. Rest assured, you'll see Lucky again. (fox emoticon)". This is a good indication that the character will return at some point though in what form that will be is unknown.

The game could be a Xbox exclusive once more of perhaps head to other platforms. I would personally put a best guess at this being a sequel opposed to DLC content considering how the first game went though you never do know. For now, you can check out our thoughts on Super Lucky's Tale in the review below. For additional context, the series follows a fox in this platformer game filled with bright colors and easy going puzzles.

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