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Tera Xbox One Now Available

Tera is now available on Xbox One bringing the entire well known MMORPG experience to the console. Prepare for epic adventures across lengthy and winding quests or engage in light hearted PVP. Choose from seven character races and ten distinct classes for whatever type of journey you want to embark on. Level your character, customize them, collect loot over time and work through a variety of unique dungeons that greet you along the way. Tera Xbox One released on April 3, 2018 being a total of 47.99 GB as an install size at launch and coming with multiple versions. At the core it's a free to play game supported by cosmetic microtransactions, but other versions are available. Each version includes extra bonuses, but for quick information here are the costs and tiers in USD.

There's the "Founders Pack" at $29.99, "Founders Pack Deluxe" at $59.99, "Founders Pack Supreme" at $99.99 and finally the "Founders Pack Ultimate" for $149.99. The game is a solid offering for the console bringing an experience that's been in developed for years and now finally available with a streamlined set of options for the controller. It should be an epic group or solo adventure across this vast series of worlds, lore and narrative. The entire world is open without restriction and it's a worthwhile time.

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