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The Walking Dead Season 2 & 3 Nintendo Switch Release Still Happening

The Walking Dead Season 2 and 3: The Final Frontier Nintendo Switch releases are still happening. Everything Telltale Games wise has been under question in regards to whether it'll release since their closure. With that, it was nice to see a confirmation via Twitter that the releases will still be going forward. This will be handled by Skybound Games which also is working to finish "The Final Season" and get that released.

This will be great for fans on the latest Nintendo console as they'll be able to play the entirety of Clementine's journey on the platform. There's no release window set for the games, but this at least confirms that they'll be available to play at some point in the future. The details were showcased in a Twitter message to a user asking about the release of the seasons, the reply was "yes! We are still planning to release Seasons 2 and 3 on Switch. Stay tuned for more information!" with that thread which was posted to Reddit being found posted below. Until then, check out our Telltale Games hub for reviews and news on the series. We also have a review for the entire second season that can be found below.

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