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The Walking Dead: The Final Season Final Two Episodes Not Happening

After the initial closure of Telltale Games on September 21, 2018 there was a small glimmer of hope for The Walking Dead: The Final Season. It was noted in the initial, completely a surprise reveal of the studio closing that a small team of twenty five employees would stay on to work on existing contracts. The assumed hope was that the two remaining episodes of Clementine's final season would be their project.

That's not however what's going on. According to a Reddit posting which is linked below, the second episode of the season will be the last. These better details are from user "MKirkbride", Lead Season Designer for this project. He has an AMA certified prior so I take this account as being a solid source. The information he presented and the thread link can be found below.
Walking Dead Final Season Clementine Screenshot
His name is Michael Kirkbride and he went into official threads that are a discussion of the situation around the game. He was replying to a comment about the season possibly being completed with the following statement, "Whoever that was has no idea what they're talking about in regards to the latter two episodes." and continues with details on each remaining episode. "Episode 3 is almost done but nowhere shippable, episode 4 script is done but we weren't set to put artists onto it until the next week or so."

That of course basically means this is the end of Clementine's story and further information included in the thread indicates that a NDA is covering any details about what happens. Hopefully we eventually get to learn what events take place in the story as this whole situation isn't great. It's best to wait for the studio to put out an official statement, but this seems like a definitive note that the final two episodes are not happening. A final note is that there's apparently one awesome cliff-hanger in episode 2 so be ready for that shock if you were invested in this last season.

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