The Walking Dead: The Final Season Saved

Things have been all over the place for Telltale Games, which closed doors recently. At first, it seemed as though their iconic narrative driven series, "The Walking Dead" would be cut short. They were two episodes in towards a four part series which would complete Clementine's story. Things were looking grim with many mentions that production was just generally over for this episodic season.

That's now a different story as The Walking Dead: The Final Season has been saved by Skybound Games. This group has always had a hand in the series so it makes sense, it's also owned by a creator of "The Walking Dead", Robert Kirkman. The fit seems right and it makes logical sense in terms of getting this picked up, and then wrapped up.
Walking Dead Final Season Clementine Screenshot
The following statement was given during the New York Comic Con 2018; “We’ve successfully negotiated with Telltale Games for our company Skybound to come in and see Season 4 of the Telltale game to completion,” Kirkman announced a crowd at the event. “We can’t lose Andrew Lincoln and Clementine in the same year.”

Additional details are limited on what's going to happen in terms of development, but that's been mentioned as being announced in the near future. There are of course two episodes to release that are in various stages of development. There have even been additional mentions of using the past developers of Telltale Games to come in and clean this up. Whatever the case, it's great that Clementine has been saved and we look forward to seeing how it all wraps up.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner