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Timesplitters Trilogy Acquired by THQ Nordic

There's some good news for fans of this well loved trilogy. THQ Nordic continues to buy up franchises this time collecting a classic series of the games with the Timesplitters trilogy which is now entirely owned by them. It was largely considered as one of the most influential console games of the early 2000’s. The three game series earned a large and passionate fan base thanks to its unique humor, art style and pop culture references while encouraging customization.

The games were originally created by the developer studio Free Radical Design that later become Deep Silver Dambuster, part of the THQ Nordic group. In addition to Timesplitters, the IP and the rights to science fiction action-adventure game Second Sight were acquired. Both of these acquisitions were made through THQ Nordic’s fully owned subsidiary Koch Media GmbH. This, as mentioned great news for fans as the group has a recent history of putting out high quality, quickly released ports of classics. There's nothing confirmed in that regard, but look out to the horizon as Timesplitters now has a new home.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner