Vigor Update 1.2 Preppers

December 11, 2019 at 6:47pm
By Jason Stettner

Vigor has just received its second post-launch update from Game Preview on Xbox One. This is a free to play third person shoot and loot experience. It continues to expand with additional tweaks and features.

This update is titled 1.2 Preppers with some tweaks to the experience and some additions content wise. The full list of changes can be found below, it should be mentioned that I, the author have an in-game bag for my Youtube Channel that is rather hilarious. That was fun.
Vigor Xbox Screenshot
Vigor Update 1.2 Preppers

The Battle Pass
You may possibly know the concept of "Battle Pass" from other games, and wonder what it would bring to Vigor. Nearly everything you do provides you with XP and you can clearly see your progress through the current season of the Battle Pass. They will feature things such as mainly crafting plans.

The plans will eventually become available even in airdrop crates, indeed, while that may not be the case for various customizations. Play your way through the season while it lasts. And last to mention but definitely not least, the Battle Pass is another way to obtain crates of certain rarities if you are not willing to risk getting them within Encounters.

To broaden the options for long-time players to utilize their skills and experience, while still keeping new players meaningful and dangerous even for the veterans. Tools provide us with such an opportunity. These one use consumables are able to play a vital role in the Encounter, and you need to think a bit ahead while using them.

Alarm traps are going to watch your back while waiting for the vault in the barred house to crack open, while contact bombs may block-out an exit from a shootout for your enemies... if used right. Still, a shot can disable both, and even hurt you if someone manages to shoot the bomb right after you place it.

The same goes even for the Transmitter, which creates a decoy for the Radio Signal Detector. You may confuse someone, or just waste your resources in a fruitless attempt to do so.

Try finding yourself tools, or their parts, in Encounters while the plans are only available if you reach high enough in the Battle Pass. Once you have the plans for everything you need, it still takes some time to craft your dream loadout. Things can now be sped up with a Crafting Booster.

Christmas in the Outlands
Special Christmas type integrations and events will be underway, stay tuned to the game for that. You can read a preview of the game below, or check out the DayZ hub for the other part of what Bohemia works on for consoles.

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