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War Thunder Xbox One Free to Play Release Date Possibly Revealed

The War Thunder Xbox One Free to Play release date has possibly been revealed as October 23, 2018. This comes after a period of time where you had to pay for access to the game in testing. It released as a full game instead of Xbox Game Preview, but still went the route of premium initial access. Games of this type are now doing earlier releases at a price point instead of just releasing for free. The wait for a game to be free typically doesn't last this long however.

This release date comes from the Xbox Store page for the standalone package. This is in comparison to the other cost based store pages that are up. Those other pages note their initial release date instead of this October one. The game is published and developed by Gaijin, it takes up 23.42 GB currently as a download size if you're looking at picking it up. The free to play release phase was mentioned previously as being prior to 2019 so this seems likely to be the final release. If you'd like to find out more about the game read out review of it on the Xbox One platform below.

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