Warface Xbox One Battle Royale Released with Update

The Warface Xbox One Battle Royale released with an update that adds content, as well as some fixes. The very popular mode was previously set to release at the end of October, but faced delays as it had a game-crushing bug. The mode is finally here to play as of November 6, 2018. It will be applied with the latest update and let you battle others. Your goal is to eliminate all opponents and be the last survivor. It won't be easy as all you'll have at your disposal is a melee weapon, you'll need to find better items.

The Black Shark Raid
Intel indicates that a tower is under construction in Eastern Europe that is suspiciously similar to the building from the White Shark raid. New Xbox Achievements have been added in regards to this mission.
Warface Xbox One X Screenshot
New PVP Maps
Assault the support points on the Hills map; battle enemies on the territory of an abandoned Motel, handle the explosives in a Palace or try to stay alive in the heat of the Mojave Desert.

Other Adjustments
Aim assist values for sniper rifles have been readjusted. Please note that these values may be tweaked further per obtained statistics results.

Fixed the issue causing the under-barrel grenade launcher to be unavailable after being revived in PvP matches.

Removed the confirmation pop-up for adding friends.

Fixed the issue causing wrong types of grenades to be displayed after being revived.

Added achievements for finishing raids: "Blackout", "Earth Shaker" and "Black Shark".

Client stability and performance have been improved.

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