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War Thunder Xbox One Release Date, Pricing

The War Thunder release date and pricing details have been revealed for this free to play war simulation. The title will be launching on June 19, 2018 available on Xbox One while also being Xbox One X enhanced. The base cost is free, but for early access or better items post launch it is $19.99 USD/CAD, note that this may change afterwards or it could go on sale.

There are three paid versions of the game available with that first price point being the entry value. The second option is the "Advanced Bundle" costing $59.99 USD/CAD. The third option is the "Elite Bundle" costing $99.99 USD/CAD. These higher tier versions come with additional content packs and special in-game items. They also stuff players with Golden Eagles and Silver Lions which are forms of in-game currency. The initial install size is just over 20 GB for the game. It is published and developed by Gaijin.

War Thunder is a comprehensive simulation of war where you can take part in major battles on land, in the air, and at sea. There are over a thousand vehicles to use with multiple situations of where one might be battling others. This takes place across over eighty maps with new content being added all the time. There's a focus on detail and authenticity in design to emulate this theater of war from World War II to the Cold War. There's also a pile of PVE content for those wanting to work with others, but many options for direct PVP combat as well. These options allow players of any skill level to engage with others for a grand time. War Thunder costs nothing to join in, but offers the various bundles at launch.

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