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War Thunder Xbox One X Enhanced

The free to play War Thunder Xbox One X Enhanced release is confirmed as the official tracking list on Xbox has it noted down. The game is now listed as available and having an enhancement, honestly that's not surprising as most releases going forward should support the premium console. Hopefully with this update they're able to provide multiple graphic options but they may keep it streamlined for competitive play. For now all the details we have is that they're aiming to provide 4k ultra HD with no mention of HDR support. War Thunder will most likely be enhanced right upon regular launch on Xbox as opposed to post. Nothing is confirmed past that aspect of it being 4k resolution.

This is a free to play battle simulation from Gaijin Entertainment that bridges combat across air, land and sea with a focus towards World War II. There are many vehicles and cross-levels of conflict as players engage with one another in a series of distinct ways. There are over 800 types of vehicles to use across the fronts that represent multiple countries and their distinct models. The game features a number of modes to play in with most of it being based around PVP conflicts that aim to mash all the aspects of warfare together. The maps follow an authentic style aiming to recreate situations around famous battles or areas of older war. We're looking forward to see how this performs on Xbox One X as it should make a large splash on the console.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner