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Where is the Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack

Where is the Minecraft Super Duper graphics pack exactly? Well, after an announcement a considerably long time ago the pack is still being worked on. It's a bit ridiculous they showcased this Minecraft 4k Resolution with HDR support pack so early apparently, as they've had problems and it's still under construction. The pack no longer has any sort of final release date with it mostly being pending. One of the Mojang developers did provide a statement in regards to the progress of this Super Duper Graphics pack.

"The graphics update and the Super Duper Graphics Pack are still coming, but we currently don't have a date set for it and can't really give one just yet." Which essentially means it's just in limbo, this is due to "hard at work the last several months rewriting the "graphics engine" of the Bedrock Engine from scratch to bring it to the modern era. To be completely honest, our code was simply not built to support the kind of new graphical capabilities we were trying to enable with the update and the pack, and forcing them in caused huge issues."
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This small bit of information is followed with more depth through this comment. "Yes the pack was playable and we had multiple internal play sessions. Graphical glitches and corruption was very common back then, so were crashes, and the framerate was far from ideal, even on high-end PCs and Xbox One X hardware, so we decided to not release something in that state, and do the work needed to make it better instead. At one point the entire team was dedicated to it and we still couldn't deliver it on time with good performance, so the tough decision of delaying it and giving the Graphics Team the time they need to work their magic was made."

It looks like this pack is quite off in terms of a release, which shouldn't be a surprise if you've followed the development of most Minecraft updates. This information was from a Reddit reply, the team member is noted as "TamerJeison" there. The graphics upgrade, which includes the Xbox One X enhancements to support full 4K and HDR, will be free. The Super Duper Graphics Pack will be a paid add-on for extra context.

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