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Worldcraft Xbox Release Confirmed

Worldcraft will be headed to Xbox consoles in the future, bringing the Minecraft-like building and crafting title to the platform. I was told this by a rep at Solverlabs. They mentioned "We are going to make the game for Xbox in future. But now we will add more updates on current platforms we already have." So it looks like we'll continue to see more updates to the game following a massive one that released just prior to 2019.

This will then lead into a release on whatever Xbox console is available at the time, most likely the Xbox One. This makes complete sense as the title it already available on the Windows Store. It may come titled Worldcraft, World of Cubes or Planetcraft. Essentially the same experience, just slightly altered and named differently. There was no given time line for this, I had purely inquired about the chance of it arriving on the consoles. We'll be sure to release more details about this as they happen, it should be interesting to see.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner