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X018 Rumors & Game Announcements

It has been quite awhile since the last Xbox event of this type and with all showcases like this there are many rumors. Here are some of the X018 rumors and game announcements one might hope to see when the event arrives. First off, it's best to mention the news part of this with the official Xbox Mexico Twitter sending out "Noticias + revelaciones + invitados especiales + #XboxFanFest + Ciudad de México = La mejor edición de Inside Xbox." which basically means there will be special guests, revelations and the best edition of Inside Xbox. Hard teasing for what is to compare with Playstation's "Experience" which isn't happening this year.
Gears 5 Screenshot
Kicking off the rumor side of things it's heavily believed that the purchase of Obsidian Entertainment will be announced there. This has been around for awhile and after the tease of the Inside Xbox event for Forza Horizon 4 it seems likely as Phil Spencer, head of Xbox specifically mentioned they purchased Rare last time they held an event like this. Another game that keeps coming up is a fresh "Splinter Cell".

Many are always going towards the rumor of Banjo-Kazooie coming back. It is likely Gears 5 will be presented, as should Crackdown 3 with that release date being rather close. Halo Infinite will not be there, you can read more about that below. Below and Ashen may also both appear since they were set to release at some point in late 2018. The keyboard and mouse support with a Razer peripheral was teased as well, mentioned during the last Inside Xbox. This has brought suggestions such as Age of Empires, Warcraft or even possibly World of Warcraft to support that. Whatever the case, keyboard and mouse support is set to arrive in November. Those are the top rumors, checkout details on the future Halo below and our general hub for more coverage of the platform.

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