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Xbox 2 Million Gamerscore Achieved by Stallion83

Stallion83 has continued to build his gamerscore up over the years and has now hit a brand new milestone. As of November 21, 2018 the account is now at exactly 2 million Gamerscore. This is of a course a Guinness World Record and the quantity earned him the first Xbox Live Gold for life card granted during the reveal of the Xbox One five years ago. This is quite a vast number to achieve with him obtaining nearly a 76% completion average at the time. Other statistics that are interesting about this milestone include earning 72,021 Achievements out of a possible 94,851 and having a Gamerscore of 2,000,000 out of a possible 2,664,720.

The latter portion of that is a 75% score average as opposed to Achievement unlocking which was mentioned earlier. Stallion83 hit this large mark while on a livestream playing Halo: The Master Chief Collection to finish it off. The exact number was gained by unlocking the "Legendary Anniversary" Achievement after previously getting "Legend". The form was for finishing each level of the campaign in Halo 2 on Legendary whereas the latter was for finishing every level fo the game on Legendary. For context, Legendary is the most difficult setting in the Halo games. Exciting moment for sure.

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