Xbox Consoles Carbon Neutral Targets

September 23, 2019 at 5:03pm
By Jason Stettner

Following the United Nation’s Climate Summit, ambitions and grand announcements have been raised according to Microsoft. The company aims to align their operations with a 1.5C climate scenario. It has been noted they are now certified by the SBTi (Science Based Target Initiative). That means they’re hitting the criteria through a proven science-based technical target. To build on that, a goal of at least a thirty percent cut by 2030 is the aim for the Microsoft’s emissions.

Business operations have been neutral since 2012, and another goal will be to extend that to other products. A pilot project includes making 825,000 Xbox console to be carbon neutral. These are the first gaming consoles to aim for this target. While it’s just a pilot, they hope to further reduce devices in the future. A quoted selection of details found below.
Xbox Carbon Neutral Gears 5
”Microsoft will announce the expansion of its existing operational commitment to carbon neutrality, established in 2012, into its devices and gaming work. It will set a new target to reduce its supply chain emissions by 30 per cent by 2030 – including end-of-life for devices – and to certify 825,000 Xbox consoles as carbon neutral in a pilot programme. In addition, Microsoft will engage gamers in sustainability efforts in real life through the Minecraft its ‘Build a Better World’ initiative, which has seen players take more than 20 million in-game actions.”

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