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Xbox DVR App for IOS & Android Now Available

From the creators of the general XboxDVR site, there's now an app created that serves a similar function. This is an unofficial offering, but one that serves the functionality of sharing your video clips and screenshots outside of the Xbox One console. This Xbox DVR app is for IOS and Android platforms being a free download. The links for both marketplaces can be found below for convenience.

The seller/creator in the store is noted as "Niall Watchorn" and the size of the app is roughly 11.7 MB which is rather small. The goal of this is to make it easy to view, download and share the content if you've been capturing on the console. You're also able to edit and trim your videos within the app and find the content from your Xbox friends as well. I hope this is a good solution for your clip based showcasing needs. You can read about first person in Sea of Thieves as well below or check out the Xbox hub for additional coverage of the console platform.

IOS Store
Android/Google Play Store
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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner