Xbox Game Pass Experience Rating 2021

June 6, 2021 at 11:13pm
By Jason Stettner

From a selection of over 5015 general individuals polled via the Youtube community tab these metrics were provided. The general question that was thrown at the top was “Rate Your Xbox Game Pass Experience in 2021?”. A simple question with no other details attached.

This was to see what individuals, which these community features source from both subscribers and general viewers online via desktop and mobile interfaces were interested in seeing. It’s a very simple poll setup that continues to run so it can be voted on further as well, alongside featuring comments for members to leave notes on.

The results as of June 6, 2021 are included below to get a full breakdown of this query to see just what everyone in that particular community was excited to see. It should provide some rather fascinating results without an extra influence to adjust the possible outcomes of the data that is presented.
Biggest Shooter Game 2021
The Breakdown is as follows.

9-10/10 = 64% which is approximately 3210 voters.

7-8/10 = 25% which is approximately 1254 voters.

5-6/10 = 6% which is approximately 301 voters.

3-4/10 = 1% which is approximately 50 voters.

1-2/10 = 4% which is approximately 201 voters.

The votes are noted as approximate as votes may increase over time and there's usually some rounding impacted, Youtube now provides full exact numbers which is great. This is a decent sample size for a poll of this scale.

More will be available on the site. You can of course vote below to influence this further and we’ll update if needed. Other site elements are highlighted below which are relevant to this particular article.

The Poll Source
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