Xbox Series X Dashboard Will be the Same as Xbox One

June 16, 2020 at 3:25am
By Jason Stettner

It seems like things won’t change a whole lot at launch. Tom Warren, Senior Editor at The Verge has tweeted out that the Xbox Series X dashboard will be the same as the one currently available on Xbox One.

This is a trusty source, so the detail is very likely accurate. As expected this change will apparently bring some unique features with speed and performance being improved by this process.
Xbox Series X Dashboard
This will be the product of various upgrades over the summer leading up to the release of the new console. This includes a refreshed store experience, better connectivity apps and other smaller refreshes to the overall experience in order to bring all aspects of the Xbox dashboard in line.

The tweet; ” I can confirm the Xbox Series X dashboard will be the same as the Xbox One. Microsoft is adding some additional stuff in for the console features, but the UI and dash will be the same. Speed and perf will also be improved”

and it is continued with another sub-tweet; ” I think it's a good thing that the Xbox dashboard is aligned on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. There will be improvements in the coming months, and there's a new Store app on the way. Things have been gradually improving on the dash, and will continue to do so”

There’s also an interesting discussion between him and Jez (of Windows Central) about changes. That’s all for now, tweet source is linked below. Check out our hub for more coverage of the platform and check out our in-depth comparison setup as well for all the next generation details you need to know.

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