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Xbox Spring Sale 2019 Xbox One Recommendations

April 12, 2019 at 4:57am

The Xbox build towards the thawing sale is now live, or well the Xbox Spring Sale 2019 is kicked off and we thought it was best to compile some top recommendations. With there being a plethora of somewhat festive games, here are the best deals and in general the best games you should be checking out on Xbox One. We've also taken the time to label games if they're Xbox One X enhanced for Xbox One platforms.

This is a great sale and we hope that the recommendations for this Countdown sale selection are quality. If you're purchasing any of the games please do so through our link as its affiliate based. Clicking the game title will take you do the page in your region so no extra tweaking is needed. All prices are in USD pricing, prices will change with your region just by clicking the link. If we missed any great Xbox Countdown 2018 games let us know!
Black Ops 4 Xbox Screenshot
Xbox One
A Way Out "Enhanced" ($15)
-The ultimate cooperative venture as you try many ways to escape from jail, together.

Abzu ($10)
-This is a lovely water based adventure that's filled colorful fish and fairly simplistic things to do.

Aftercharge "Enhanced" ($13.39)
-This is a competitive 3v3 multiplayer title with cross-play that does things differently, invisible robots against people.

Ark: Survival Evolved "Enhanced" ($20)
-Survive among dinosaurs/other huge monsters locally with friends, or do so online as others also attempt to live.

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey "Enhanced" ($24)
-Battle between two factions in this massive entry within the franchise with two distinct characters to choose from.

Assassin's Creed: Origins "Enhanced" ($15)
-Head to Egypt with a refined set of systems that set the stage for Odyssey, a gorgeous and lively desert world to explore.

Astroneer "Enhanced" ($22.49)
-Explore space while collecting resources right from the planet, do this with friends and it's just a lovely game.

Batman: Arkham Collection "Enhanced" ($)
-The three main Arkham titles all together in a bundle, enhanced last gen versions as well. Knight, Asylum and City.

Battlefield V "Enhanced" ($30)
-The latest entry in this well known franchise, it goes on sale often so you'll see it at this price in a week or two I imagine.

Bioshock: The Collection ($15)
-The iconic Bioshock games come together in one updated package, a must-have.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 "Enhanced" ($30)
-The latest Call of Duty, with a focus on multiplayer and the hyped up Blackout battle royale mode.

Cities: Skylines + Surviving Mars "Enhanced" ($30)
-Two really well done simulation titles come together, one on Earth and the other on Mars.

Conan Exiles "Enhanced" ($24.99)
-Open world survival game set within the hostile and brutal world of Conan, breasts are present too, so, ya.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy "Enhanced" ($20)
-The Crash titles enhanced and looking stunning despite their age, if you're a fan this is a great deal.

Dead Rising 4 "Enhanced" ($20)
-The game really isn't that bad, it's well worth this price tag to check it out.

Battlefront 2 Xbox Screenshot
Dead Rising Triple Pack ($14.87)
-These are some incredible games packed together, must have if you've missed them. The improvements are great, Off the Record is amazing!

Deep Rock Galactic "Enhanced" ($20.99)
-Mine as dwarves and fight swarms of creatures, you can literally destroy everything and it's fun.

Doom + Wolfenstein II Bundle "Enhanced" ($32)
-Both Doom and Wolfy 2 are just damn awesome shooter times, really fun to play narrative driven adventures. Doom really lets you know how the silent guy is feeling, he wants to kill demons.

Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition "Enhanced" ($35.99)
-The full experience, all the DLC and all the mods, it's a great time. Just remember to find your son, if you have time

Far Cry 5 Gold + Far Cry New Dawn Deluxe "Enhanced" ($52)
-These two actually are one cohesive story and you get countless hours out of this bundle.

Fortnite Standard "Enhanced" ($20)
-The basic version of Fortnite, because people like Fortnite.

Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate "Enhanced" ($59.99)
-Simply the best racing game ever.

Full Metal Furies ($6.59)
-Overlooked, but a really well done game that's rather intense.

Gears of War 4 "Enhanced" ($9.99)
-An absolute steal at this price, Play Anywhere, gorgeous, get ready for 5.

Hitman 2 Gold "Enhanced" ($59.99)
-All of Hitman 2, plus Hitman, one badass bundle of assassinations.

Just Cause 4 "Enhanced" ($30)
-It's honestly a lot of fun if you just like blowing things up, or attaching them to grappling hooks to blow them up (shrug emoticon).

King's Quest Complete ($9.90)
-A lovely episodic adventure series that's too good and deserved more praise.

LEGO City Undercover ($15)
-It's like a LEGO game combined with Grand Theft Auto, open world and well done.

LEGO DC Super-Villains "Enhanced" ($35.99)
-Be the bad guys, it's a LEGO game, so fun.

LEGO Harry Potter Collection "Enhanced" ($16)
-The entire Hogwarts journey combined, and enhanced.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 "Enhanced" ($11.99)
-An absolute steal.

Life is Strange Complete ($4)
-Buy it, right now, you won't regret it. This game was my #2 behind The Witcher 3 for that year.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Deluxe "Enhanced" ($7.50)
-Buy it, goes hand in hand with the initial game. You need deluxe as the prequel episode will break your heart.

Madden NFL 19 "Enhanced" ($9)
-If you've been waiting, a good time for sure.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Definitive "Enhanced" ($23.49)
-It's like Assassin's Creed on steroids with orcs and Middle-Earth, also all the content.

Murdered: Soul Suspect ($3)
-It's cheap, someone buy this game help them out, it was obviously neglected.

Overcooked 2 ($17.49)
-An ultimate cooperative experience as you cook locally or online.

Overwatch "Enhanced" ($19.80)
-If you haven't bought it, like myself. "Raises fist in the air, missed the review request period!"

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds "Enhanced" ($15)
-PUBG, the tactical and realistic battle royale that sold like crazy on Xbox.

Quantum Break "Enhanced" ($9.99)
-For $10 this game is really awesome, I think it's amazing.

ReCore "Enhanced" ($11.99)
-Ok, if you don't buy it we won't get a sequel, so get on that already.

Red Dead Redemption 2 "Enhanced" ($40.19)
-You're like a cowboy, Rockstar didn't make enough on this I guess?

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration "Enhanced" ($12)
-All of the incredible Rise of the Tomb Raider, plus DLC.

Ryse: Legendary ($7.50)
-I'm starting to think we're not going to see a sequel for this, just once I'd like to see the DLC on sale. It's a cool Roman game, I like history so I liked it.

Scribblenauts Mega Pack "Enhanced" ($20)
-Two amazing games of creativity that's perfect for the younger audience, or anyone.

Sea of Thieves "Enhanced" ($29.99)
-I think they're adding fishing to it, or did for the anniversary. YOU GET TO BE A PIRATE, PLAY ANYWHERE, RARE.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Croft Edition "Enhanced" ($45)
-Lara Croft works out and decides to go into the jungle to fight Trinity, the conclusion of her origin trilogy.

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy "Enhanced" ($29.99)
-Spyro came back, looking better than ever and the games are awesome.

Star Wars: Battlefront II "Enhanced" ($7.50)
-Look, they've fixed things and have given you one Clone Wars planet, grab this before the third one.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas "Enhanced" ($24)
-Fly in a space ship, it's cool and all. I'm quite tired at this point. Take my word on it, soar around casually, good for younger ones.

State of Decay 2 "Enhanced" ($14.99)
-Zombie survival management game where you work with others, people die, so that happens.

Strange Brigade Deluxe "Enhanced" ($26.39)
-This is actually a really fun shooter adventure cooperative game, it has an action 30's vibe.

Sunset Overdrive Deluxe ($14.99)
-It's going to be hard to rip Insomniac off of Spider-Man to make a sequel, so get buying!

Super Lucky's Tale "Enhanced" ($12.99)
-Cute 3D platformer, lots to do in it, Lucky is fun.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Collection "Enhanced" ($29.99)
-Huh, I was unaware they digitized those Elder Scrolls and put them online in a collection.

The Evil Within 2 "Enhanced" ($19.80)
-The real evil within is how tired I am writing these all down, but this sequel comes close.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY "Enhanced" ($15)
-The best game of the generation.

Titanfall 2 "Enhanced" ($4.50)
-Have you taken a second to hear from our most prized and under rated lord, Titanfall 2?

The Division 2 "Enhanced" ($49.79)
-This one is really good, too many hours, too many things to do quite honestly. Like, Ubisoft, cut back to make these reviews faster. Hard to have a life and spend tens of hours reviewing these open world games.

Tomb Raider: Definitive ($6)
-This game was really good, so they touched it up for the current generation.

Trials Rising Gold "Enhanced" ($29.99)
-The best Trials they've made, lots of trialing things here.

Unravel Yarny Bundle "Enhanced" ($9)
-I made a Yarny when the first game came out, it's on my desk looking at me right now.

Voodoo Vince: Remastered "Enhanced" ($5.99)
-Fun story on this one, got a copyright claim for music on my Youtube walkthrough. Chatted with the creator, he chatting with Microsoft's lawyers and that music claiming company got in trouble. It's probably the best walkthrough for this game too, just saying.

Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate "Enhanced" ($12.99)

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